Michigan Assisted Living Association

Top 10 Reasons to Join MAL W.C. Fund

  1. Competitive Premiums.
  2. Claims are managed aggressively.
  3. Members may have the future opportunity to receive returns on investment income and surplus premiums. The average is 30% per year.
  4. Midwest Employers Casualty Company provides excess insurance coverage. Comprehensive Risk Services (CRS) provides claims management services.
  5. Reduced Claims expense through active safety programs, annual loss control/industrial hygiene surveys, and information networking.
  6. Members can take an active part in the claims process by participating on the Board of Trustees or attending Annual Membership Meetings.
  7. Experience modifications are individually calculated using our own formula.
  8. Client retention exceeds industry averages.
  9. Members have access to industry-related information as well as pertinent safety topics.
  10. Stability in Pricing.

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