Risk Management

Improving Quality of Services

Through MALA training, newsletters, and special reports you can keep abreast of best practices that help reduce the risk of resident injury such as medication errors, falls, wandering, choking, and other serious potential harm to residents.

Complying with State Laws and Contractual Obligations

MALA staff can help you understand your obligations to comply with state laws that govern various insurance requirements such as workers' compensation insurance and auto insurance. We can also assist in reviewing leases and contracts that may include insurance requirements.

Protecting Your Assets

As a member, you can benefit from the expertise of MALA staff in protecting personal and/or corporate assets in the event of a serious liability claim, employee injury or other claim made against you. MALA can also help you insure against other threats such as automobile accidents and fires. Using a sophisticated strategy based on quality assurance programs and extensive insurance protection, you can minimize threats to your assets.