Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSHA)

MIOSHA’s mission to help protect the safety, health, earned wages and fringe benefits of Michigan workers. Below you will find resources related to key health and safety standards related to assisted living providers.

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) strives to work collaboratively with employers and employees to better prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

MIOSHA health and safety activities include: setting and enforcing occupational safety and health standards; providing extensive safety and health training and education and working with partners to develop innovative programs to prevent workplace hazards.

All agency activities focus on meeting the MIOSHA mission to help protect the safety and health of Michigan workers.

Consultation, Education and Training

Recordkeeping Forms & Guidelines


Hazard Communication (Chemical Safety)

Hazard Communication clarification related to consumer products (i.e. window cleaner).

Consumer Products are exempt from the requirements of Hazard Communication as follows. [Excerpt from MIOSHA Part 430 Hazard Communication Standard]

1910.1200(b)(6)(ix) Any consumer product or hazardous substance, as those terms are defined in the Consumer Product Safety Act (15 U.S.C. 2051 et seq.) and Federal Hazardous Substances Act (15 U.S.C. 1261 et seq.) respectively, where the employer can show that it is used in the workplace for the purpose intended by the chemical manufacturer or importer of the product, and the use results in a duration and frequency of exposure which is not greater than the range of exposures that could reasonably be experienced by consumers when used for the purpose intended…

In other words, if a consumer product is used the same way and the same frequency and quantity as is used in a family home, it is exempt from the requirements of Hazard Communication Standard.

Click here for a 35 minute video tutorial on Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication Employee Training - Narrated PowerPoint Modules

NOTE: This Hazard Communication Employee Training program has been divided into three modules for use as "toolbox" talks and to reduce download file size. The modules are best viewed using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If the narrated presentation of the module does not automatically start the slide show, select the slide show button in the lower right of the PowerPoint program to automate the program.

DVD/Video Lending Library currently has two DVD's on GHS that you can request on loan: GHS Globalize Your Communication #1072 & HazCom And The Global Harmonizing System: Employee Training #1068

Additional Resources

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  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Location Poster (CET-2105)
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Personal Protective Equipment