Guiding Principles

The cornerstone philosophy that shapes our efforts on behalf of our members who serve vulnerable adults statewide is reflected below:

  1. Quality Services with Maximum Choice
    Provide the highest quality services possible with maximum choice through consumer disclosure, while respecting the dignity, individuality and independence of those choosing assisted living.
  2. Respect for the Sanctity of Environment
    Allow consumers to be supported in the least restrictive, homelike setting that best effectuates their stated wishes and needs.
  3. Provide Medicaid Funding to the Entire Array of Services
    Strive to provide portable and adequate Medicaid reimbursement to the entire array of services including adult foster care, homes for the aged, other assisted living and independent living programs.
  4. Reasonable Regulations
    Avoid overregulation. This is an industry of tight budgets, frugal public funding, and narrow operating margins. Excessive regulation aggravates these circumstances, complicates services, and often succeeds only in raising costs to the consumer, placing affordable assisted living out of reach. While licensing is appropriate in many areas of assisted living, it may be unnecessary and intrusive in others.
  5. No Federal Oversight
    Assisted Living is not a "one solution-fits-all" profession. With the state already much more familiar with the needs of its citizens and possessing years of experience with regulations, federal intervention would be redundant as well as administratively AND financially burdensome for both providers and consumers.