Information for Consumers & Family Members

Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA) is committed to helping consumers and their families make informed decisions regarding assisted living options and other supports and services in the community.

MALA is the leader in advocacy, education, and resources for providers of assisted living, independent living, vocational, and other community-based services. MALA is a nonprofit organization representing 4,200 programs serving 40,000 individuals statewide. MALA members offer services to a wide range of consumers including: persons with developmental disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, physical disabilities or closed head injuries or persons who are elderly.

Originally incorporated in 1967 as Statewide Care Home Association, the Association has grown dramatically during the past 40 years. MALA is a state affiliate of the national Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA). Together, the state and national associations promote high quality assisted living services to persons with varying needs.